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-Not Ready to Join Yet? Can you tell us why?We want to make the purchasing group as accessible as possible to as many independent practices as possible. Your input is very much appreciated!

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Welcome to Veterinary Group Purchasing Organization

Veterinary GPO is a strategic alliance of independently owned small animal and equine practices.  Our mission is to help practices purchase goods and services at savings not otherwise available to them due to their small and/or independent status.  

Veterinary GPO does not process orders, we do not warehouse products and we are not a distributor. 

Want to know if your practice will save money by joining?  Click here to request a cost savings analysis or call 503-686-3814. If you are a start-up practice, or a new practice owner, we will waive your dues for joining us in your first year. 

Our focus is to both reduce costs and increase revenue for our members.  We understand it is a combination of both that will help you thrive in this competitive environment. 

We are here to help you improve your practice's profitability and sustainability.  What are you waiting for?   Check out what some of your colleagues are saying about Veterinary GPO in the testimonial section.

Please call us with questions:  503-686-3814

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